[FEATURE] Show full OPC Item Path in Tag Editor instead of clipping it for bound paths

It’s frustrating looking through UDT definitions at tag PLC addresses, as, if the OPC item path is bound, it’s clipped at a set character limit, no matter how wide the field is…
It means that to see the path, you have to click the tag, click the binding, click Edit, then click revert to get back to view the next tag’s path. If you want to go through every tag in the UDT (potentially 10’s or 100’s), this is incredibly frustrating. Previously in v7 you could quickly click on tags to see their bound paths without having to waste time clicking, going into other modal panels, and back again.

To be honest, I don’t like the new modal panels that cover everything up at all. I think these should pop up from the bottom within the properties panel so you can still see everything. I’ve been trying to like them for the last year, but it hasn’t happened