[FEATURE] Summarise and/or add option to export required UDT definitions for selected tags

Currently, when exporting/copying tags from a project, it’s difficult to know which UDT definitions you need to export as well for the given tags. And now in v8 if you try to import UDT instances where the definition doesn’t exist, those instances just don’t get imported, no warnings or anything (i’ve already reported this bug previously).

What I would like, is a tool to be able to extract out a discrete list of all of the UDT definitions used by the selected tags. As part of this, it would also be good to be able to export the UDT definition tags from there as well.

Alternatively or in addition to, show a prompt if you’re exporting any UDT instance tags asking if you also want to export a separate file with the required UDT definitions as well.



I’ve added the idea now as well, @bmusson, if you wanted to vote there