[Feature] system.{anything} auto fill

Has there been any thought on potentially having an auto fill option when using the “Control - Space” action when accessing the system. library’s.

It would be really neat for the functions that have multiple variables to simply have the all variables populate with default names so that you dont need to refer back to the menu or the manual to remember which options are available or needed.

Probably not something y’all wanna be doing right now but would be a nice to have in the future.


This is worth posting to ideas.inductiveautomation.com. Good idea.

This is a good idea. There are many improvements we’d like to make to scripting, and really looking forward to looking at scripting again with the new resource system and plaintext scripts. We’ll definitely go through the ideas forum as we start looking at goals for 8.1.

It would be great if the ideas site could be made a category of this forum… I can’t login there any more since its new platform uses facebook.

Can you clarify what you mean by can’t login? I have facebook.com and .net blocked via ublock and was able to log out and log in ok in an incognitio window, though requests to the facebook stuff do fail. Facebook isn’t required from what I can tell, but admittedly the technology behind that ideas page is not something I’m familiar with. If I’m missing something I can inquire.

I can see canny.io just fine, and can browse topics. When I log in from ideas, it takes me to the IA SSO as usual, the redirects back afterwards. But leaves me not logged in. Further attempts to log in just bounce off the SSO page right back to canny.io. But still not logged in.

Firefox 64.0 on gentoo Linux. All of IA and canny.io whitelisted in noscript.

Thx Phil. I’ll make a note to look a little more and will DM ya with additional questions if needed to avoid polluting this thread.

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