[FEATURE] Tag Browser: Select new tag after pasting it

I think I’ve asked for this before, but can’t remember…
When you’ve got lots of tags with similar names, such as tanks for instance that are “B2001” to “B3000”, and they’re not all sequential (there might be gaps in the numbers), copying and pasting a new tank is an absolute nightmare, as you have no idea what the new pasted number will be, and when you paste it, it doesn’t get automatically selected. In fact, the viewport gets moved up to the very top of the folder you’re in.
I’m sure I have a few tanks in a live project which should be there and are a result of this…

So my request is to please select the newly pasted tag.



Glad you’ve got a few of the tanks that should be there in the live project, thanks to this :laughing:

Yeah, selecting the pasted tag would be great.

Haha, whoops my bad :laughing: That’s what I get for trying to work and report bugs at the same time.

**shouldn’t be there

I linked my idea on the ideas forum

Thanks @nminchin. I’d upvote, but I get stuck in an authentication loop on the ideas site right now–redirects back to the idea with each attempt to vote.

I haven’t been able to log into the ideas portal for something like a year now (or more?), as it uses an insecure cookie to pass auth to canny.io, instead of a secure back channel. I was told some months ago work started on my ticket, but it hasn’t changed.

Of course, if you can log in to the ideas portal, you are allowing insecure cookies. /:

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Someone’s got to let them insecure cookies know they’re still loved! :sweat_smile:


Yes please, for the love of FSM. This is another one of those RSI-inducing tasks

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