[FEATURE] Tag editor fields too short cut off text despite column width

8.0.0 (b2019040718)

In the screenshot below, you can see that the bound OPC Item Path expression is cutoff for no reason; the width of the text label doesn’t appear to be relatively resizing with the width of the tag editor window.

Unrelated and probably should be a new topic: is there a stable version of Ignition 8.0 that I can use in a production environment that is later than the version I have quoted above?

That’s the latest “stable” version as of now. 8.0.1-rc1.20190422-1613 release candidate is available under early access on downloads page:


@nminchin Have you noticed this on a newer build as well?

I haven’t tested on the 8.0.1 release candidate yet; I want to wait for it to be fully released first as the project I’m working on will be commissioned this month. I’m keen to start using it though

That’s what virtual machines are for. Spin up a test VM in an isolated network and drop your main server’s gateway backup into it. Set up more VMs in that isolated network with DB backups and PLC emulations to have an even better test-bed for your project(s). It’s best to know what is or is not going to work as early as possible.

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Hi @nminchin -

8.0.1 was released today and I believe this issue was fixed. If you come across it, please let us know!

Looks like this issue has returned. Also exists in many other places.



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