[FEATURE]Underwhelming look of the analogue indicator

The Perspective Moving Analogue Indicator is a bit underwhelming to look at, and has some glaring graphical "issues".

For one, the rectangles inside of the main border (e.g. the "normal range", "high/low alarm", etc.) appear to be rectangles with a stroke, which means that when the stroke from the main border and the stroke from the inner rectangles combine, they create a slightly darker "halo" due to how the anti-aliased edges combine, making it look super tacky. I don't think the inner rectangles even need strokes at all, but there only appears to be the option to remove stroke on everything.

The other things that can be improved are:

  • add the option to add a scale/ruler to either side of the bar (or top or bottom if horz). Adding a separate linear scale component to the side is fraught with positioning issues
  • add the option to display the process value at the top/bottom of the bar instead of one that follows the triangle
  • option to size the process value triangle - I feel the default is far too large and clunky
  • make the component useably resizeable. Currently, everything just stretches, including the text.

Something like this is really nice and clean (and I'm in the middle of copying and building myself):


Yours's looks nice!

Newbie Question:
Do you build from scratch or your copy from......somewhere? and then start modding?

Building from scratch, but copying the design of that screenshot

Yes, do that. Then please share it on Ignition Exchange so the rest of us can use it.

I'm considering it! It'll come down to whether I'm allowed to or not




Yeah that is nice
If that ends up on exchange I am definately grabbing it.

Great work mate.

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This looks fantastic! This is the format of a moving analog indicator that I have been searching for. Any chance that you'd be willing to share?

It'll be up on the Exchange shortly, it's still in review, however i've already attached it in this topic: