[FEATURE]User Manual: Please add information about Audit Log fields (e.g. Status_Code and Originating_Context)

As in title. Status_Code and Originating_Context are a bit obscure. I understand Originating_Context stores what scope the event was logged from, Designer, Perspective session, etc. but there’s nowhere I can find in the user manual to see what these enum values correspond to. I have no idea what Status_Code means

Status_Code is a serialized value from an AuditStatus, for backwards compatibility reasons.

Originating_Context uses the flags from ApplicationScope.

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It looks like there was already some existing content in the manual describing the fields. Which makes me think they’re not as visible as they should be. I added some additional links to the content. Bonus, I wasn’t a fan of the descriptions there, so I updated them and added some links to the javadoc page’s PGriffith mentioned.

Not certain which manual you’re looking at, but here’s a couple of links:

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lol @ that javadoc page description :laughing: