[feature] Vision button component image swap color

For the basic vision button component, when the button is entered, I would like to be able to swap the color of the image. (it’s possible for the text foreground)

A simple swap color filter, as for the image component would be perfect.

Properties to add :

  • Color Swap Filter : user could active the swap in the mouse enter/exit
  • Swap From
  • Swap Threshold
  • Swap To

Buttons will be more attractive and responsive for the users !

Couldn’t you just make two images and use them? Or overlay an image on the button? I don’t think we’re going to go and retrofit the features of the image onto the vision button itself.

Yes indeed, that’s our current solution, but as we have lots of button…
and if we make a template with the customized button inside, we have to propagate button event outside the template…and it’s a bit cumbersome.
Just a nice to have feature, not a must have !