[FEATURE] When moving/renaming/deleting tags, also modify SQL history table links

I’m sure there was a post for this years ago, but couldn’t find it in my extensive 10s search.

It would be really nice if moving or renaming tags with history would also move/rename the tagpath link in the associated sqlth_te SQL table as well so that history follows along. Add to this a prompt to delete history if a tag is deleted. Sometimes history would not want to be deleted, so I imagine the default should be No.

This would be especially useful when you copy/paste tags which then creates history for them, and then you rename the tags to what they should be, thus creating bogus history in the database as well as bogus tagpaths for operators to select

I found this idea already, so please vote here:


This currently exists in our issue tracker as IGN-3183 and is probably a feature request as old as time…

Maybe this time the fairytale can come true? :smiley:

(that was probably a little too cryptic. :musical_note: Tale

:musical_note: from the Disney fairytale)


Who is the Beauty and Who is the beast in this?