[FEATURE] When pasting components into different coord modes paste at copied size

I realise this may not really be possible… But, when designing coord containers it’s a PITA using percent mode (i.e. the mode you want to use for 99% of production screens). The biggest pain is when copying components and pasting them into other embedded coord containers, as they paste at completely the wrong size due to the relative sizing. I don’t know how it would be possible to fix this since it’s just json that you’re copying (maybe convert the % size into pixels and write that into the json as well, look for these specific keys and apply the new scaling??), but this is super frustrating and means I usually have to change all my coord containers, root and embedded, all into fixed mode in order to do any dev on them, and then remember to change them back to percent once done. Most of the time this is just too painful though, so instead I just end up not using embedded coord containers at all which means my object tree becomes horrifically long and unorganised… :confused: