[Feature] windows registry URI in workstation isnt recognized

Hello again,

I had to run some local scripts on some (admin clients) machines and i managed to succesfully do that using a URI i createde in the windows registry. i can now simply navigate to it with a button which triggers the uri to run a cmd line script.
The URI ofc has to be configured on every machine but i got a batch file for that. It all works in the browser(Chrome/Firefox).

However the workstation doesnt seem to recoginze the new URI i created , is there somewhere else i need to configure this to make it work there? Or shall we have to stick to a browser?

Doesnt seem to be working with a link either

JxBrowser seems to require running Java code before the browser is instantiated:

We don’t expose any way to do that, currently. It could be a feature request, though I’d recommend finding additional justification(s) to make it more compelling.

yeah i have checked that page before, but im not sure its the same…
I already have the uri in my windows registry.
And this “Registering Custom Scheme” seems like it is trying to handle the behavior there instead of letting windows handle it or am i mistaken? Atleast thats what the little example looks like.

Seems like it should be a feature request pointed to jxbrowser instead of you guys…
But I don’t think custom uri’s are often used so its probably not very compelling for either of you xD

Hm seems like there should be ways for apps to use the windows registry, so you wouldnt rly need to expose any classes for it, just make it use the registry by itself… i guess thats worth a feature request,
you could use it for mailto: or msteams: or something too then

I’m not a fan of making Ignition less platform independent. This should be a to-do item for JxBrowser, perhaps.

im sure other devices have an uri registry too, im pretty sure mailto: also works on android for example…
But yeah it kinda should be on jxbrowser to do that, but its also possible to do in the workstation apps themself