Features - what I am looking for in Ignition

I have some doubts in the follwing points;

         [b]Can I able to get an SMS alert directly from IGNITION like what we are doing in alert configuration ( mail service ) or I have to install some other software only for SMS purpose.Forexample if the connection lost in OPC Server or some motor get stopped indication, This If I can do it directly through this software, please let me know about this.[/b]
          And this is regarding the number tags which I can create in a single group. Is there any limitation for this groups because when I was doing a project I created more than sixty parameters in a single group. Then it started showing some errors in the name of UNCERTAIN, BAD DATA. Then its working after I  grouped twenty numbers parameters in a single group without showing any error. I know this excess number will never show any error, but what is the limitation of a single group.            
       [b]And Regarding the communication between and Sibase database and IGNITION. I need to know that the IGNITION will work with only Sql database or it can work with other database forexample Sibase database. Why I am asking this I was trying to communicate with Siemens WinCc V 5.1 version which has Sibase database, I did not get any result for this. Then I upgraded Siemens WinCc V 5.1 to WinCc V 6.0 + SP-2 which has Sql database.[/b]Whether IGNITION  can communicate with any database? If it is yes then why I was unable to get it.

I am expecting a favourable reply from you.
  1. You should not need any external software for messaging. Ignition can send text messages to phones via email messages. Your phone provider should have email-to-SMS gateways available. This is referred to as “alerting”, which can be based on a PLC communication handshake or motor value. The following link, discussed in this thread, shows service providers and their email addresses. Give it a try.

SMS email listing

  1. Ignition can work with Sybase databases - or any database with a JDBC driver. In fact, FactoryPMI used to used to include the free jTDS driver for both Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase. Ignition now comes bundled with the Microsoft JDBC driver. I’d recommend downloading the following to work with Sybase.


This should address your other post as well.