Feedack/Enhancement Request Forum?

Hi guys!

UserVoice has a pretty nifty setup for polling/enhancement requests in a forum format. I have a CAD package whose company is utilizing it for data gathering on future releases. Would it help you guys? I have no idea. :mrgreen: But, it sort of pushed my geek button, so I though I’d pass it along… and no, I don’t work for these guys.


At first glance it looks pretty neat, maybe we can give it a shot and see how it goes. Right now we just kind of rely on our feature request forum, but it’s easy for things to get lost there over time, and obviously the “results” are really just the general attitude that we pull out of the thread.

Ultimately, given that so much of what we try to focus on comes from user feedback, having a system like this in place could be really handy. Thanks for the suggestion!