[Feedback-11395] OPC Browse in Tag Editor

Most times I drag tags in from the OPC Browser panel. Some times, however, I use the browser from the Tag Editor. Will the Tag Editor browser make an appearance for RC?

The Tag Editor will continue to evolve to assist you in making accurate selections as we know that a lot of this information isn’t something we should expect you to know of the top of your head. We have items in the backlog for the following:

  • Adding a dropdown for the OPC Server definition for a tag
  • Ability to define valid OPC Item Path quickly (this will likely result in some type of Tag browser being implemented)
  • Setting reasonable default values for different data types
  • Setting a default Tag Group
  • Being able to add new members to a UDT Definition

Thanks, Garth. Much appreciated!

Hi Jordan,

We added some Tag Editor features in the build that was uploaded yesterday (12/20).
Let us know if you have any additional feedback!

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