Feedback/comment about Ignition new version released


I’m start using Ignition from v7.2 and upgrade the version through 7.5.1. All new features/problems came from my experiencing for each new version upgraded.

Now, I’m in v7.5.1 and just see the new version released. I don’t want to facing any new experience by using my current production server. Then, I blink an idea that we should have the room for everyone that can review pro/con for each version released for other people reference.

What’s do you think?

A lot of effort goes into the release of new versions. New feature sets along the roadmap are derived from user feedback. Many upgrades provide new components or features that have no compatibility implications. A few upgrades can lead to (correctable) compatibility issues such as the Python Scripting upgrade from 2.2 to 2.5, which for the most part, led to feature and language upgrades that were requested numerous times on the forums. Newer versions are always done with backward compatibility in mind as a strong priority.

All that said, I would recommend testing your environment prior to rolling out significant upgrades. There are a number of differences between 7.2 and 7.5. You can also do things like snapshots with Virtual Machines, backups, etc, so that you can easily roll back if you run into problems.

I encourage user reviews of pros and cons of different versions. Feel free to start a thread. I have seen a number of posts where users share their feedback about specific features or “gotchas”. Similarly, we appreciate user submitted bug reports and typically fix them by the next release. You will also find cases where you used to do something one way, then find out that a better, newer approach works better. Ignition provides many ways of approaching tasks. I believe that backward compatibility and upgrades are an area where Ignition shines.

Thank you Nathan for feedback and clarify but here is my version upgraded 7.2=>7.3=>7.4.1=>7.4.2=>7.4.3=>7.5.0=>7.5.1

I seen to many thing better with new higher version but some how, the bug/problem happen with the new upgrade…for example a few thing that I found.

  1. Image management hung with unsupported images format but it worked with the previous version.
  2. The Transaction Groups display status didn’t display correctly (not show current status)
  3. Project browser not automatic refreshing when added/deleted the SQLTag.
  4. The engine of ignition seem to me that a bit slowly

The items 1 and 2, I feedback from version 7.5.0 but now I’m in 7.5.1, it’s still occurred.

I knew that the team working hard to get the software more better with more efficiency for everyday and I appreciate with the response and support from inductive team.

By the way, I’m happy with the team but just thinking that would be better if we can have the room for users review/feedback for each version released (not just blame). It’s look like the community of users.