[Feedback]Inconsistent buttons and other components:

After upgrading a small existing project to 8.0 all the buttons assumed a new style and there seems to be no way of restoring the original appearance, we have agreed standards of presentation with most of our customers and cannot have the look and feel of our projects changing when we upgrade Ignition.
I suspect this will affect a good many integrators especially those working with large utility and multi-site companies who are normally quite strict on this issue, as they have to ensure consistency across many sites.
Quite happy to see more presentation options/themes, but projects absolutely must look the same after upgrade

Regards David

You may need to remain on 7.9 to ensure the appearance looks exactly the same.

The old “Alloy” Look and Feel simply doesn’t work on later versions of Java and the company that built it no longer exists.

We’re still working on fixing some of the padding and alignment issues with the new L&F but there will inevitably be some differences.


Thanks for the feedback, I guess we are where we are with the buttons then, at least the traditional Tab strip still works in 8.0 with the latest Java, even if I do have to import them from an old project.

If we can maintain support for the existing Tab Strip going forward then we may be able to craft something for the buttons, I really don’t want to trapped in 7.9.x as most of the sites that would push back on the new look and feel are all so the larger sites where I would most like to try out your new OPC/Driver developments and Colby’s new backend/Tag system developments.

Will the new OPC and tag system developments be available in later 7.9 versions?

How sure are we about the long term future of the new library?

   Regards David

There’s no reason for the tab strip to change or go anywhere, and it mostly draws itself rather than being painted by the LnF like regular components, so it should mostly retain its styling.

No, these are HuuuUuUge changes. LTS releases basically only receive precisely applied bug fix backports when possible. Obviously the whole Java / Launcher thing is a bit out of the ordinary in terms of the magnitude of change but it couldn’t be avoided.

Certain enough I guess :slight_smile: This one is built on top of an open source LnF and we have a contract with the company who builds/maintains/supports it (for both support and the custom styling/colors they built for us). If they disappeared for some reason the source code is available, so not really a big deal.

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