I like the refresh on the GW UI in the recent releases. Certainly much easier to jump between status/config.

With Perspective, it would be nice to see a cleaner “End User” page. Similar to the Get Started page, but removing the sidebar for Gateway access. This “Public” page could be the default similar to the old homepage and provide a list of perspective apps and also links to the Vision launcher. Once logged in if you have the needed permisions the GW config/status would show in addition to the links to the designer installer.

Fun opportunity for a feature highlight (that we’ll definitely need to document clearly) - in the gateway settings, you can actually set up a different homepage (such as your own Perspective project) directly, so end-users never need to see our UI at all:


EVEN BETTER! Very awesome. :thumbsup:

The idea of just making a Perspective project to replace the homepage is perfect.

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