[Feedback] New Perspective Symbol Component: Fan

Hi folks!

The Design Team would greatly appreciate your feedback on our latest explorations for a new Perspective Symbol Component, the Fan.

Below are the work-in-progress visualizations of the Fan symbol component with various properties per appearance styles:

Here are a few specific areas of feedback we are hoping to gather information on:

  • Are there other property variants that you would find more useful than what we’re showing here?
  • Are there specific styles or rules used by your company or industry when depicting fans that we should know about?
  • Do you use fan symbols in your HMIs now? If so, please share your screenshots below so we can better understand the context.

Thanks for your time!

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@hpark I came across this post because I am now looking for a good symbol to use for “big-ass-fans” which we control with a bacnet connection in large warehouses.



Curious what that status of new perspective symbols is. I recently re-watched the intro video about perspective symbols, and the comment was made that more symbols would be added in the coming months. It has been almost a year since the first 8.1rc release, but we still only have the original five symbols. Are more symbols still planned, or has this effort been abandoned.

Not abandoned, just on the backburner in favor of other efforts.

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Fan Symbol will be very helpful for HVAC applications

I’ll like to have the option to do the color selection of states.

I know there’s a lot of literature behind this and the High Performance HMI and all, but there are still customers that would prefer a soft green instead of a pure white.
This would apply not only for the fan, but for all Perspective P&ID components.

A property that would be cool to have is a reverse blade rotation without having to use orientation
(left/right) property.