Feedback/question/request regarding charts

The charting in Perspective is already really great, and I’ve been happy with what I’m able to accomplish with it.

But I’m wondering, are there any plans for being able to support more features of the amcharts library? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like that’s what Perspective is using, and having more of the features in the library would make Perspective’s charts even better.

As it stands, in order to get some of the features in amcharts, I’ve resorted to creating an iframe with a page hosted locally that displays some amcharts charts, so I can do things such as:

  1. Rotate text in horizontal axis labels
  2. Offset horizontal axis labels (for displaying histogram-type data)

and after looking at all the different kinds of charts that amcharts has, I might be implementing some of the more complex charts that amcharts offers, such as Sunburst diagrams.

Are there any plans to integrate more of these amcharts features into Perspective? I know I’d certainly find it very useful to have many of them.