[Feedback]Realtime Tag provider, All Props in Memory Option

Ignition 7.9 Has an option to store all tag properties in memory, I don’t see this option in 8.0:-
1 Is this enabled by default?
2 It is handled in some other way(faster back end storage)?
3 it is to be added before release?

Regards David

The tag system was completely overhauled in 8.0, so tag properties are handled very differently. In the new system, tag property changes are now dynamic within the tag, so an entire tag doesn’t have to reload for a property change. For example, changing a tag’s documentation property won’t cause an OPC tag to reconnect. This makes the tag system far more efficient, and so it shouldn’t be necessary to hold all tags’ properties in memory anymore.

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Hi David,

Matt’s somewhat right but his last sentence is incorrect: due to the new structure of the system, all properties are always held in memory. Your past issues of reading, browsing, etc, should not be an issue at all in the new system.



That’s excellent news.
Thank you.