Feedback: Script Editor / Window Editor Switching

I posted previously in the Ignition Problems forum about a bug switching between the two “layouts”. I don’t know how to replicate it, but it happens just about every couple minutes. The only fix I’ve found is to save my project, which I don’t always want to do each time this happens.

My feedback is actually about the layout in general though, not the aforementioned bug. I find it very unintuitive to have two completely different sets of layouts. For example, it doesn’t make sense to me why one would want to have the Tag Browser docked when editing a Window, but having it floating while editing a Script. I guess I can think of specific scenarios where this would be beneficial, but I find that if I undock the Tag Browser (or any other panel) when editing a screen, I’m constantly wondering where it is when I’m editing a script.

In my opinion, switching between a Script and a Window in the tree should preserve the entire layout of the designer and just swap the Window editor with the Script editor. Personally, I liked it best when the entire script editor was a floating window. In many cases I still may want to see the windows when editing the script. It would be ideal if this new layout was a customizable setting.

I know I can ‘unfloat’ all the scripts, but this doesn’t solve the issue with the bug and it just makes all the space in the center of the designer useless.

Everything else is perfect though!

Do these steps:

  1. Open up some of project library scripts.
  2. Right click on a project editor tab and select “Float All”.
  3. Switch back to a window. Notice that you can now edit scripts and look at windows at the same time, just like you want. This works best when using two computer monitors – so you can work on scripts on one monitor and windows and templates on the other monitor.