Fetching system tags from other gateway

Hello all,
I have a small query. Is it possible to fetch the system tags from another gateway and show it in a vision/ perspective application?
case: I have 3 gateways as A, B, and C-- I want to show the system tags from B&C in A. a dedicated project will be available in A server. How we can do this?

Assuming they're in the same gateway network, the simplest solution would be to make reference tags to the system tags you're interested in, in a provider that's accessible from the other gateways.

For example:

Thank you for the fast response.

What if it is in a different Gateway network, how we can do this? can you give a little bit more information on the above-mentioned method as well?

Mainly if it is in another gateway network, how we can do that?

If they're in a different network, I'm not sure if there's an 'easy' solution, but you could set up an API with webdev to fetch the data you need.

Concerning the method described above, it's a really simple one.
Gateways B and C each have their system tags.
You'll need another provider on each of them, that will be accessible from A (set up remote tag providers on A). On that provider, create a reference tag for each system tag you need.
And that's it. The reference tags will be accessible from A and you can use them for whatever your needs are (I'm assuming some sort or hypervision/monitoring ?)

Now, I'd probably wait a bit for other people to comment on that method, maybe there's a better way of doing this. But that's what I came up with when I had the need of monitoring several gateways from one central point.

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Thanks, I will check on that. But do you have any suggestions for which different network, How do I need to start with? Like any message handler from any project on the other gateway, create a gateway script in there to send some data from there to my project. Is this what you are saying? Do you have any reference that I can check with or a little bit more details on achieving the same?

I don't think messages will work if your gateways are on different gateway networks. You'll need to go through something they can all access - like an API.

Is there any reason you can't put your gateways on the same network ?

Yes, it's in a different location. I was not able to use it as one. I need to connect to some other network to connect with those.
A== my location
B= another location(needs rerouting to access this which is locally placed)
C= another location(needs rerouting to access this which is locally placed)

correct me if I'm wrong on this concept.

Can you provide me with any examples on how to do the API call or how to do that in there?

Being in another location doesn't prevent your from using a gateway network.

Check the gateway network configuration on the gateway page:

Now, if the different gateways aren't related in any way and you just want to make a new project to monitor them internally, a GAN might not be a good idea... But frankly, I'll let more competent people answer that.

I've never used the webdev module, so I'm really not sure how it works, but creating API endpoints shouldn't be too hard.

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Sure, I will also wait for someone to respond on the same. Meanwhile I will check your resolutions as well.

I guess, nobody has a solution to this, can u please give me more info on the same gateway network? how I can make use of that or do you have any sample codes/ links that I can refer to?

There's no code involved.

To understand how this works, open a designer, and check its tag providers.
You should have at least the system provider, and potentially other ones.
Now, the goal is to copy the data you need from system, to a provider that is accessible where you need it.
The simplest way is to use reference tags, but I think you'll need a provider on each gateway from which you need to get system data. In that provider, create the tags you need, make them be reference tags, and make them point at the system data.
Now, on the gateway where you want to use that data, configure a remote tag provider, use the one where the reference tags are, and you're done.

If you don't want to make tag providers for all those gateways, I guess you could use gateway event scripts, on a timer or something, to copy the system data to one common tag provider.


Thank you, this is working, but here comes the catch, a gateway in another network. Can somebody guide me on that? I have 2 more gateway which is outside of the gateway network. I want to bring them also to the same architecture.

You will have to create an API in those gateways with WebDev, and poll them (with httpClient()) from the central gateway.

Thank you, can you please provide me with an example or any links or any info regarding how to achieve this? or Can you please explain how we can incorporate the same?

I don't have an example handy, but there are numerous related discussions on this forum.


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Thank you, I will check on the same. Really appreciate that.