Fighting with Maker installation on Raspberry PI

I have maker installed on Raspberry PI, almost....

Terminal indicates that the gateway is running. However, when I access the webpage, is says that the gateway is faulted.

Can you upload the wrapper log files?

Here you go! (9.5 KB)

Looks like you downloaded an x64 version of Ignition.

You'll need to download the arm32 or arm64 version (depends on the RPi and OS) from this page and select maker during commissioning: Current Ignition Release | Inductive Automation

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Will give it a try!

I downloaded the arm32 and installed with the same result. but, but RPi is a 64 bit OS due to the zwavejs-ui requirement. I would have thought the 32 bit one would have worked on the 64.

I only see:, is there a 64 bit one?

Yes, they are marked "AARCH64".

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Thanks guys! That was it! Next up, connecting zwavejs-ui MQTT to it!

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