Figma plugin for Perspective

Someone on our team (who I'm asking to join the forum here) is playing around with a plugin to Figma to export assets ready for Ignition.
To clarify, this would be an Ignition plugin for Figma, not a module or asset to run or load in Ignition.

For example:

  • Export CSS/assets directly from Figma ready for import as a Perspective theme
  • Export frames/containers as view json ready for import into Perspective.
  • Map parameters for Figma components to parameters for Perspective embedded views

Has anyone else dabbled with Figma plugin development? Any other use cases you can imagine?


That will be very useful, especially now when Adobe was forced to pull out of the deal.

Wow designing in Figma is extremely interesting, so at the moment how do you import Figma assets inside ignition?
You copy assets manually inside ignition's web-app folder?

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I'm also looking for the same ..plz explain how to import Figma into perspectivePreformatted text

Lot of people are trying to use figma and import into ignition. Is there a sample project somewhere out there showing that ?