File Explorer Component not finding existent path on load

I have a File Explorer component in a parameterized popup window. The popup window gets fed a folder location to be fed to the File Explorer Selected Path component.

Now on opening, I see the file path in the Selected Path for a moment, it seems like it is looking for it, and then it disappears, and another component we have is triggered to appear saying *Component path does not exist, which happens when the File Explorer selected path is equal to ‘’.

So to me it looks like the File Explorer is trying to locate the folder, can not, and then clears its selected path component when it does not.

However, once that is clear, I can click through and find the exact folder location, and it matches exactly what I am feeding in.

Fed in parameter - \NAS\Bay1\Customer\Customer100\Process\Project Name, 1001
Path in file explorer after manually searching after initial failure - \NAS\Bay1\Customer\Customer100\Process\Project Name, 1001.

NAS is a local network drive. It is in a Synology disk station if that matters. Previously, we had another drive \File2, where this was all kept and it worked fine. Then we switched over to this new NAS drive, and now I am experiencing this issue.

Any thoughts on why it is not working on the initial load\how I can fix this?

EDIT: I made \NAS\Bay1 a mapped drive and made my file paths use the mapped drive, which works.

I think because you are passing it in, you have to double up;


would become

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