File Explorer Root Directory

I am trying to set the the “Root Directory” for File Explorer but it will not take anything i put in the field. As soon as i hit enter it removes the entry.

Which version are you on?

The steps I followed:

  • Put the File Explorer component on a window.
  • Toggle to preview mode.
  • Browse to the directory I want to set as root.
  • Toggle back to designer mode.
  • Copy the contents from Selected Path into Root Directory
  • Again toggle to preview mode.
  • Et voila!

I am using 7.9 and the path is a network share. When i try to open the folder in File Explorer the window locks up. I setup a Network Location, via Windows 10 with a vpn connection to the network, on my computer so that it would show up in File Explorer. When it freezes like this i have to shut down the designer.

Also like i mentioned the designer will not allow me to set anything in the “Root Directory” property.

What you suggested works as long as it is a local directory. I need to do this with a network share.

That sounds to me like Windows is asking credentials, but the request doesn’t come through the interface.

Does this also happen when you already have the shared folder open in the regular Windows explorer?

Perhaps you could try to force authentication with a subprocess call before opening the file chooser:'net use ' + targetDir + ' /user:user123 password', shell=True)

Another possibility is a DNS problem, where the server doesn’t get found. Can you try referencing the server by IP address in that case

Yes, it happens when i already have a shared folder open in Windows explorer.

I am referencing the server by IP address. I will try the subprocess but the issue with this is that all users have a different user name and password, guess i could prompt for them to fill out this info when page first opens if this resolves the issue. My best bet might be to create the subprocess when they first login to the application, if possible.