File Explorer setting and removing rootDir

I have an application that is allowed to run on any machine with a specific folder structure, if the required folders are missing I want the file explorer to be blank.

I used scripting and os.path.exists(filePath) on the property change but when i set the rootDir to an empty string it still looks at the root (c:)

Is there any way to keep the file explorer empty when there is no folders and populate when they are there.

I don’t want to set it invisible, just blank out the file explorer so nothing can be selected.


Can you put a label component in front of the file explorer that has a white background and the same border?
The label will only be visible when the Root directory property of the file explorer is blank.

Thanks for the suggestion, i would prefer that as the last available option. I hate to hide objects behind each other but if thats all i can do, ill do it.

Unfortunately there is no way to do this due to how the component is written. Your best option is going to be the one that @jpark suggested.