File path access from file upload component

I am New for ignition. I need to create Tree view in perspective using the array script

Pls Help Me

Please be patient. You have asked on a forum where most of us are volunteers. You will get answers if you ask a good and interesting question when people have time to answer.

"Pls Help Me" did not improve your question. Instead, post details of your data source and a sample of how you want the tree to look.



Hi, How to find file path from file upload component ...

you mean the filepath to where you can upload your file to with event.file.copyTo(filePath) ?

Saves the uploaded file at a location accessible to the Gateway.
String filePath - The path to where the file should be saved on the Gateway.

it can be any path accessible to the Gateway

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Hi I need file path for where the file should be saved on the gateway.

The upload component upload a file chosen by the client,
In the script you can choose to store this on the gateway using the copyTo, to where ever you want aslong its accessible to the Gateway

you have to decide where

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What do you want to do with the file once it is saved?

I want to read the data from excel and I have to create a to find accessible to the gateway folders?

So you actually just want to let the user import some data (from excel) and put this data into a tag?
For this case you probably want to check this,

The gateway acces depends on the user rights it runs on,
Shared folders require some extra configuration to have access Mapping a Network Drive - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation