File path for FTP location

Im using a paintable canvas to display an image - when testing I used a regular path like:
C:\Users\user\Desktop\image.jpg -this works no problem

the picture I really need is stored on a Cognex camera which supports FTP. via explorer the pictures path is: ftp://admin@

but this doesn’t work. is there any way to make the ftp path work without actually transfering the image to the local drive?


Have you tried using the IP Camera viewer component?

unfortunately this is a very old camera that only supports ftp. It puts an new image on its internal drive evertime it gets an input to take a new picture. just trying to access that new picture each time its refreshed.

Try the IP camera viewer component and enter the string ftp://admin@ as the URL.

If this ftp site requires authentication (like the “admin” user as shown in your URL), you might try adding the password too:


I’m not suggesting this is a good idea, just helping you troubleshoot the problem.

well I tried the ip camera viewer using the strings suggested and I get an exception error:

This is a rather old topic, but did you ever get this to work correctly?

Wow, didn’t even see this one. :open_mouth:

On my system, I give the cameras an ftp account on the server, with each pic getting a unique filename. From there, I can use the image viewer to look at individual pics.