File transfer from gateway to client scope

In the SDK, I search how to transfert a file read from the gateway to the client scope and write it on the client disk.
RPC feature need serializable data object. I need to transfert wav sound file.

Base64 encode it on the client before sending and then Base64 decode on the gateway when you receive it.


Or just create your own serializable wrapper class:

public class WavBytes implements Serializable {

    private final byte[] wavBytes;

    public WavBytes(byte[] wavBytes) {
        this.wavBytes = wavBytes;

    public byte[] getWavBytes() {
        return wavBytes;
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Uhm? Byte arrays are serializable. Just return one from your RPC call. Or send it as the payload of your push notification.


Ha, I assumed sending a byte[] wasn’t working for some reason since he is here asking, but yeah, that would be the first/obvious approach…

Thanks, I will try the RPC with Byte array. Seems to be the more straightforward.
It looked to easy to work.