File Upload component

I would like to use a file upload component to upload a file to google driver directly rather than gateway.
may I know it is possible to do that ?

in theory you can

In the event onFileReceived, use the method event.file.getBytes()

Then sending it to google drive, but you will need to check the authentication process: Upload file data  |  Drive API  |  Google Developers

Hi Calimero,

Thank you for replying . But I am bothered by the authentication processes, if works on pure python environment , I could pip install pyDrive , but ignition can’t support pip, so I am not sure how to set up the authentication in Ignition. very frustrating …

I would use HTTP process and not pyDrive, or Python implementation (not sure how well it will go)

Best bet would be to create a service account, generate a token when needed, call google drive api