Fill Scaling progress bar doesn't work

In design-mode it works perfect. With a value form -100 to 100 and with scaling properties set as:
min: -100
max: 100
Nevertheless in runtime mode, behind the scenes, the scaling properties change back to 0…100 with as result, a progress-bar that shows nothing for the first 100 units(-100…0). As the value passes the zero, then we see a linear filling progress of the progress bar(from 0…100).


My guess is that you’ve bound the component to a tag, and then you manually set the min and max on the progress bar to -100 and 100, even though the properties were bound to the engineering min/max for the tag. So as soon as you opened the window up again in the runtime, the bindings took hold and overwrote your -100 value.

Are the Minimum and Maximum values bold in the Designer?

Yes, they are, what does the bold value representation mean?


Bold just means it is bound to something else.

By default when you drag a tag onto the screen and display it as a Progress Bar, its maximum and minimum values are automatically bound to the tag’s engineering units Lo and Hi values. You can display these by right-clicking the tag in the SQLTags Browser and selecting Edit Tag(s), then choosing the Metadata tab.

You only need to have the maximum and minimum properties of the progress bar bound to something if you want their values to change. If the maximum and minimum values are not going to change, just remove the bindings by clicking on the small grey icon to the right of the maximum (and minimum) values, then select ‘No Binding’. You can then enter in whatever values you want in the Designer and they won’t change.

If you do want them to change, either enter the correct values into the Lo and Hi values of the tag’s engineering units, or open the binding dialogue for the Maximum and Minimum properties of the Progress Bar and make sure there is a tick in the ‘Bidirectional’ option box. This then means that whenever you change the values of the Maximum and Minimum properties in the designer, the new values are written back to the bound values i.e. to the engineering units.

This is covered in some depth in the user manual, under Project Design > Windows & Components > Property Binding