Filter Label columns in Alarm Status Table

Good morning,

I would like to insert in the alarm status table page a textbox where the operators could insert a name to search and filter it in the “Label column”; for example insert “Probe XXX” and filter the table based on the results.

I’ve seen that already exist other search option in the property of the Alarms Status Table, but I can’t look for the Label column.

Thanks a lot for the help

What do you mean ? The built-in search field does filter on the label column.



Actually I’m talking about the Vision Alarm Status Table, are a little bit different the filter option. As you can see in the picture there are 3 kind of filter but none is bind to the Label column… Maybe with a script or something else could be possible do it.

Make your textbox, and implement the filterAlarm extension function on the table, referencing the value in the textbox.

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Thanks for the reply.

I solved it with this script in the filterAlarm Extension Function of the Alarm Status Table if can help.

	AlarmList = alarmEvent.get("Label").lower()
	ExFilter = self.Filter.lower()
	if ExFilter in AlarmList:
	    return True    
	return False
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