Filter multiple columns in a table in perspective

I want to filter multiple columns in my table using the built-in filter textbox.Now I just can filter in a one column only .
Any suggestions ?


From 8.1.22 the Perspective Table component features individual column filters.

  • Make sure that columns.x.field (where 'x' is the column number) is filled in.
  • columns.x.filter.enabled : true
  • columns.x.filter.visible : always | on-hover | never

So It is not available to make multiple filters on different columns on the same time !!

You can run one filter on each column simultaneously.

For example, with the default Perspective Table you can filter on both "city contains 'San'" and "country contains 'United'".

I’m not sure what exactly is your use case, but you should be able to apply filters on multiple columns.
If you can’t find a built in way to do what you want:
Bind the data to a custom prop instead.
Then bind data to that custom prop.
Add a transform and apply whatever custom filter you want.

My ignition is 8.1.13 ,so filter could be done on only one column in my case? .
I face challenges to update to latest ignition version now.

thanks for your feedback but I am asking about the built in function in table component

Yes, but if you can't find a way to make them work the way you want, there's the solution of custom filters.

Edit: Especially in 8.1.13, where there's no column-specific filters.
I'm working mostly in 8.1.17 lately, and I had to make my own filters because the built-in one didn't fit my needs.

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