Filter results range time query

Hello, how can I filter results with a query for every day with a specific time , for example:

Schedule                               |  Results
08:00:00 am  -  13:00:00 pm            | cod_prod = 2142567 , dateDatabase = '2022-08-06 09:39:40'
                                         cod_prod = 2142567 , dateDatabase = '2022-08-06 11:58:10'
                                         cod_prod = 0978672 , dateDatabase = '2022-08-06 12:04:23'

I have this code:

select cod_prod, dateDatabase from table1 where time_format(dateDatabase,'%r') between '01:00:00' and '02:52:55' ;

Because I am going to put a the query in a graphic in ignition and then show the information for a specific schedule

Only the time matters, and not the date?

Also, which SQL server are you using (ie mysql, mssql, etc)

and it would also be helpful to know the datatype of the column you are pulling the date information from.

Only the last will be filtered out. All are completed within 24 hours. The start time for the first two is plainly not within the range.

SELECT DATEDIFF(hour, '2011-04-22 07:00', '2022-06-26 21:45') result;

And the stop time is 08:00:00, which is 60 minutes beyond the exclusion time period. The last appears to be filtered out by reasoning. Also, read this article about date difference in SQL they’re passing two dates the parameter hour states that we want to find the difference in hours.

  • I am using MySQL 8.0.
  • The both matters Date and month but I think I need to do an operation like current_day -1 to star since a day before.
  • The datatype is DateTime.
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let me check, thanks

If I understand what you are wanting to do correctly, this is the query you are looking for:

SELECT `cod_prod`, `dateDatabase` FROM YOURDATABASENAME.table1 
WHERE `dateDatabase` >= NOW() - INTERVAL 1 DAY AND Time(`dateDatabase`) BETWEEN '01:00:00' AND '02:52:55'