Filter/Suppress Log Messages

Is there any way to filter/change what messages get sent to the wrapper.log files?

I use these very often for troubleshooting custom scripts, but recently I added a TCP device that is powered off 95% of the time – so it is generating a “ERROR [TCPConnection[4305]” message every minute or two that is really clogging up the log files. I want Ignition to check for the TCP device consistently, in case operators turn it on, but I do not want “No Connection” to be considered an error – is there a way to do this (either by changing log or device comm. settings)?

Unfortunately the only way to reduce the output of this logging level is to turn it off, or, set it to a higher level. You would need to set a custom argument in the ignition.conf file in order to get this setting to persist over gateway restarts. But to turn the level off or set it to a higher level you can follow these steps

7.8 and previous

  1. go to Configure>System>Console
  2. select the Levels tab
  3. type your device name in the search field
  4. set the levels to OFF or something higher than ERROR


  1. go to Status>Diagnostics>Logs
  2. select Settings
  3. search for your device by name
  4. set the levels to OFF or something higher than ERROR