Filter table by hidden column values

Hi all,

I have a table that I am using to display a bunch of data that lets the user filter by text in any of the columns. The issue stems from needing to search by UUID's, but I don't want the UUID's to show up as columns in the table.

I've tried making the columns invisible but that seems to remove the ability to filter by them.

Is there a way to filter a table by hidden/invisible columns that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance.

Make sure you create columns for each specific data point you want to display. By default, those columns won't be created and the data is just shown on the components as it is in the data source. Then make the column width 0 for the UUID column.

The filter only works for visible columns/rows in the table component.


Ahh I had width set to 1px but did not turn on strict width so that may have been the issue as well.

Setting width to 0 with strictWidth turned on does the trick though, thanks!