filterAlarm on Alarm status or journal component

I try to use filterAlarm on Alarm status or journal component.
In the Extension function code snipped, there is some example of alarmEvent properties.
But I need the list of all available property of an alarmEvent which I can access with alarmEvent.get(‘propertyName’)

Ok, disclaimer: we know that the alarm objects are currently not very script friendly.

Most of the properties you can get from the alarm object live in a class called CommonAlarmProperties, execute this in the script console and you can find a list of them:

from com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.alarming.config import CommonAlarmProperties print CommonAlarmProperties.values()

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Result :
[name, enabled, priority, displayPath, activePipeline, clearPipeline, ackPipeline, deadband, deadbandMode, timeOnDelaySeconds, timeOffDelaySeconds, timestampSource, ackMode, notes, ackNotesReqd, shelvingAllowed, isSystemEvent, isInitialEvent, systemAck, isShelved, shelveExpiration, eventNotificationCanceled, filter, eventId, source, state, eventState, eventTime, eventValue, ackUser, ackUserName, ackNotes, isAcked, isActive, isClear, activeTime, clearTime, ackTime, activeDuration, activeDurationMS, ackDuration, ackDurationMS, displayPathOrSource, itemPath, fullItemPath, itemName, branchDepth, pipelineTransitionCount, legacySendClear]

thanks a lot carl !