FilterAlarm on alarm status table optimization

I’ve been working on a filterAlarm script for an alarm table that apparently has a ton of alarms. I put a pretty simple script in there, an if to check if it should filter, then inside that an if to check the alarmEvent object and make a quick comparison… but unleashing that crashes my designer. It is just about as simple as I can make it. Am I doing something wrong here?

Also, is there a way to just shut down whatever the designer is doing so I can stop it, without force closing it and possibly losing work?

Are you getting anything in the Java console when it crashes? (I assume because of the crash you can’t see the designer’s console…)

Unfortunately no, I’m not able to access the console at all. The designer window just seizes up and eventually I need to force it closed.

Though I did figure this out, I was able to move some of the logic outside so luckily this is solved for now.

I think Kathy means the Java console, not the consoles within the designer:

Oh, that makes more sense after a second read. That’s interesting, I didn’t know that was an option there.