Filtering Alarms

I currently have a UDT created for the Danfoss VFDs in my facility with their Parameters being passed to a universally used Motor Faceplate Popup. In the UTD, I have defined Alarms for the Motors.

I am wanting to add an Alarm Status Table in the popup that only displays the alarms for that specific motor that was selected and had its parameters passed. Is there a way to do this? Please let me know if more info is needed. Thank you

Yes - use the source filter on the table and pass your UDT path.

You can pass the tag path of the UDT as a parameter on the root container, then use an expression binding on the Source Filter property of the Alarm Status Table, like:
"prov:default:/tag:"+{Root Container.TagPath}+":/alm:*"

When you say, “pass the tag path of the UDT as a parameter on the root container” what do you mean exactly? Also, what does the string “prov:default:/tag:” &":/alm:*" add to the expression?

For my table, my expression is “prov:default:/tag:” + {Root Container.Motor::Meta.TagPath} + ":/alm:" with a display path of "prov:default:/tag:Area100/Receiving Line1/Motors/113_20:/alm: ". My alarms aren’t displaying so I must be missing something.

To add to my comment above, I’m not trying to route to just one Alarm but all my Alarms for each motor. Would I still use “:/alm:*” to accomplish this?

The “prov:” and “alm” parts I included for completeness. To simplify, you could exclude them. I also forgot to add “/*” to the tag part which will match any tag inside your udt. Try:

"prov:*:/tag:" + {Root Container.Motor::Meta.TagPath} + "/*:/alm:*"

Thank you for the help, it’s working now :+1:t2:

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