Filtering power table columns

I am converting a large Access database to IA/SQL for a customer. Currently in the Access db, there are many tables (datasheet view)they use to review data. I have replicated many of these tables using power tables in IA.

The customer is accustom to being able to filter any given column by right clicking the header and selecting/deselecting as many items as they like (via checkboxes). Ignition has a limited version of this but (as far as I can tell) is limited to only one ‘cusom’ item. My customer needs to be able to select one or more items and often needs to be able to apply a filter to several columns at the same time.

I’ve toyed with a ‘WhereClause’ custom property on the table and manipulating it to get these results but due to the flexibility required, this solution gets complicated quickly.

Is there a more elegant solution out there that would accomplish this? Any help would be appreciated.