Filtering user role user has causes duplicate role entry

I have found that if a user already has a role assigned and that role is filtered from the User Management component, making any change to that user in the User Management component will cause a duplicate entry for that role upon clicking save. I think this is a bug in Ignition, does anyone know of a workaround for the time being?

What version are you using? This sounds a lot like something we fixed already…

7.9.5, that could be possible.

Just confirmed it is not fixed in 7.9.6.

I just tried to replicate it, and I’m not able to – probably a simple miscommunication. Could you contact support with this so they can get steps on how to replicate the problem? Thanks!

I am also experiencing this problem on version 7.9.13 while using the User Management component in conjunction with a Database User Source. Was a solution ever found?

No. We are also using a database user source. We just live with it :man_shrugging:

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