Filters not immediately applied to Alarm Status Table

I have defined a bunch of alarms, each with a display path with the structure

<plant>/<area>/[...]/<work cell>


After that, I have defined a Perspective page that takes in input the name of the plant as well as (optionally) the name of a work cell. In the page I have an AlarmStatusTable component, that has a display path filter (defined on "") defined as follows:

  • if no work cell is not specified, the filter is "<plant>/*"
  • if a work cell is specified, the filter becomes "<plant>/*/<work cell>"


This allows me to only show the alarms that are currently active for the plant that I choose.
However, for a few seconds when I load the page, it seems like the filter is not applied and I am able to see every alarm currently active, regardless of the plant I specified.
After a few seconds (~ 5-10 seconds) the filter is applied and everything works smoothly.

Is there a way to avoid this behaviour?


Hello Manuele,

How many active alarms to display are you pulling into this alarm status table? I am wondering if the alarm status table simply takes that 5-10 seconds to load in those alarms before applying the filter.

It look like this is a know bug. Upgrading to 8.1.19 should resolve the issue. Alarm tables no longer discard incoming changes to filters when actively performing a polling query.