Find all tags that have history enabled

We are working with a tangled web of legacy projects and tags that have little to no documentation. I am trying to find a handful of tags that are logging history over an SQL database connection named something to the effect of "Machine_Data". There are lots of workcells in this database, each with its own dedicated table, and each table is actively recording all kinds of data - open time, amperage, fault codes, forces, you get the idea. Entries on these tables span back a couple years and are still logging data today.

This is all well and good, but we are in a position where we need to expand this capability out to some more workcells in our facility. Only problem is, for the life of me I can't find the tags in Ignition that are doing this. I'm wondering if I can summon a list of all tags that have history enabled. I wasn't able to search for active database connections to this Machine_Data database. I also did all kinds of searches for the table names, field names, workcell names, and so on. 0 results every time.

I'm just hoping some more experienced Ignition users out there might share how they would go about investigating this system. I'm relatively new to the software and feel like I'm missing something obvious.

If it's using the Tag Historian, then there should be a table named sqlth_te in your database that holds tag names for historical tags. As long as the retired column is NULL the tags are still active. To get the provider as well you can do a JOIN with sqlth_scinfo to match scid with and then to sqlth_drv to match drvid to

EDIT: Missed a step in the JOIN. Query below:

SELECT provider, tagpath, created, retired
FROM sqlth_te JOIN sqlth_scinfo
ON scid =
JOIN sqlth_drv
ON drvid =

The built-in solution seems to be the Tag Report Tool, as mentioned in this topic:

Just for completeness's sake, there's also a script in this topic:

Wow! You just sent me down a rabbit hole. I found that sqlth_te table and everything. Those links are perfect. Thank you so much for the quality answer. I still have some investigating to do but I'm confident I'll be able to figure it out with all this...

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If you're on 8.1.19 or later, that Tag Report Tool is honestly really nice. It took about 5 seconds to find all the historical tags on a given provider:

Only issue seems to be that it can only do one tag provider at a time, unlike the SQL method.

We are unfortunately on version 8.1.18! Maybe it is time for an update. That looks like a really useful tool.

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