Find and Replace Bug

When working with a copy of a working screen and using the Find and Replace “Open windows only” feature to change the parent folder of all Tags on the screen the Dynamic property scripts are not change correctly when there is a container attribute involved.


if(tag(“Sys1/Ingrd/Pump” + {Root Container.AddContainer 17.PumpNum})=“No Ingredient”, 1, 0)

***after a Search and Replace of “Sys1 to Sys2” the container # changes to the first one on the screen. if(tag(“Sys2/Ingrd/Pump” + {Root Container.AddContainer 1.PumpNum})=“No Ingredient”, 1, 0)

There are 30 such containers on the screen and the only all of the same script are wrong except of course AddContainer 1

I hope that’s clear enough…


Yes, I was able to reproduce this bug. I made a ticket to get it fixed.

This was fixed for 7.3.1