Find and Replace Tag Method?

I have several tags divided by folders for over 36 tags in my SQLTag Browser. The only Difference between each tag is a unique number for each drum.

D1 Rotation
D2 Rotation

D36 Rotation.

I have over 60 tags per drum set up this way but I can not find a quick and easy way to find and replace D13 with say… D14 in order to change 60 tags in one go like I could with many similar programs.

Any Suggestions? :prayer: The Find and replace feature built in does not specify which folder is in the SQLTag Browser, so it is not powerful enough to do as I want (working in version 5 of ignition).

For the lurkers

Scratch That. I’ll just go through one set of the drums, Make D1 to Dzxzx and then do a find and replace on Dzxzx while the folder is copied to the (copy)clipboard. That way I can update Dzxzx then make a new folder of Dzxzx from the (copy)clipboard.

Bah! There is an export tags button for CSV files.

Version 5 :question: