Find doesn't "find" in tag event scripts

I’ve been trying to locate what is writing to a certain tag in my system. I’ve entered the tag name (last portion of tag - not full path) in the find window and searched everything in the project, and the only thing it finds is the tag itself. After manually searching and searching, I found a tag event script that was writing to the tag. It just so happens this tag change event script was NOT enabled, so I’m not sure this is really the code that is writing to my tag, but the script clearly contained the text I was searching for, and the FIND function did not find it. I even tried putting wildcard (*) before and after the tagname I was searching for, but it still only found the tag itself. Not the script that is writing to it. So it’s possible there is another script (one that is enabled) out in the project somewhere that is still writing to this tag, but I have no way to locate it.

Export all of your tags to json. Then search that.

I know in v7 that stuff in the global project wasn’t searched which was super annoying. It’s different in v8 as the global project is now classed as a proekxt in its own right at the gui level.