Find Error_Configuration in instance tags?

In Ignition 8.1.1
Does anyone have suggestions as to how to go about finding things in Tags, in the Tag Browser when it shows red text like and value is 'Error_Configuration'?

Unless there’s a better way, I’m trying to use the script console, using system.tag.browse()

More specifically, in the script console, if I pass system.tag.browse() the direct path to the problematic tag I can see its value is ...u'value': [null, Error_Configuration...

What I’m wanting to do is start at the top of the Tag directory structure and recursively work through all the subdirectories looking for abnormalities/misconfigurations and such?

So you are trying to find a way to search for the ‘Error_Configuration’ message?

Like this?

Exactly yes 'Error_Configuration' or 'Bad_Stale' and any variations that could be the origin/source of the (structure contains invalid parent data types) warning.

I’m mainly trying to find a way to search Tags for the noted values. Search instead of mousing through countless tags, folders, subfolders etc.

This will return everything with a “Bad” quality under the default provider, though it seems to also return folders and UDT definitions. Ive honestly never used this before so i may be mistaken.

results = system.tag.browse("[default]", {"recursive":True, "quality":"Bad"})
for i in results.getResults():
	print str(i['fullPath'])