Find in Script Module Editor

Minor issue, but it appears that the “Find” (Ctrl-F) feature in Global search mode in the Script Module Editor not only highlights the search text in the current module, but also puts the little highlight patches on any other modules in the same place as the searched module.

I’m not sure I understand. I tried doing a global search in the script module editor and did not see the behavior you described. What version of Ignition are you using?

Interesting… highly repeatable here. I’ve got six global script modules in this project and three in another project on this gateway. Any text searched globally finds the text properly in the module being searched, but attempts to highlight the same “locations” in all of the other global modules in that project.

I’m using v7.5.1. The gateway is Ubuntu 11.10. The Designer is running on WinXP SP3 with Java 1.6.0_35.

Ah, ok I’ve got it now. I was able to replicate and made a ticket for our dev team to look at. Thanks for reporting!