Find & Replace doesn't find or replace consistently

In 7.9.3 I’m reorganizing my templates by added different folders for each type of template to go into. Across all of my windows and templates I’m using the Find & Replace tool to find a TemplateFolder/Template template path and replace it with TemplateFolder/NewFolder/Template path. Something that should be relatively simple, however what I’m finding is that using the “Replace All” button sometimes replaces all, sometimes replaces some, and sometimes replaces none.

Additionally sometimes when searching for TemplateFolder/Template for a template path that I know for sure exists in at least one spot the Find & Replace tool isn’t finding it. This is when I have the tool search all windows and all templates instead of just those that are open. Are these known issues with find and replace?

Are you getting any errors? Find and replace for property bindings will only replace if it can find the new tag.

It seems that Find function will terminate if it encounters errors, instead of skipping over the object that is causing the error, and continuing to search through the selected components. This is a BUG because in any multi-user environment, another user may have a component open which will cause an error.